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4 maart 2017: Home is where the dance is

Home is where the dance is – a playground for improvisation

4 maart 2017,  11-17 uur, Studio Seven, Eerste Nassaustraat 7, Amsterdam

In this one day workshop we will be at home, in ourselves and our dance. Home is our image for the richness in each of us that we access when we listen to what is there before we set off with new input. This homey richness will be at the base of all the work we do. We invite you to trust it, play with it, build with it, communicate with it. Because not only is being at home generally pleasant but it also opens doors to parts of our movement range that we access less readily!

The day:

tuning in – taking time to connect to body, mind and soul and bringing them together with ease through movement meditation.

diving deeper – expanding our patterns of movement and choice, from a place of comfort to more and more challenge.

finetuning – simple exercises of Aikido ki-development to create ease in the challenges of complicated movement.

connecting – dancing in a larger space and with other dancers.

playing – improvising with musicality, touch, changes in tone and what else emerges.

Both Bettina and Natanja have invested the past thirty years of their lives to the art of dance in all its aspects. We have studied, danced and delved into questions that bridge our art with life and the world we are part of. Our dance and art are not something that have meaning solely in the studio or theatre, but are a life process. This is what brings us together: being a human dancer and a dancing human in a world that we are connected to in myriad ways. In our classes we draw from and naturally intertwine elements of Skinner-releasing, Aikido, Authentic Movement and instant-composition.

Natanja den Boeft

‘The body is a beautiful animal and its movement and beyond movement, its dance, with its poetry, music and story, is for me an ever evolving artwork.’

Natanja has been teaching since 1987 in improvisation, contact-improvisation and ki-development in Holland and abroad (Germany, Russia, Japan, UK). Aikido has an important influence on her dancework for its use of energy, centered strength, space and direction. She is also a certified Upledger cranio-sacraltherapist.

Bettina Neuhaus

My practice and work as dance artist, researcher and teacher is propelled by my ongoing fascination of the dancing body with its inherent imagination and intelligence, its poetry and musicality and its infinite possibilities of transformation and expression through which we connect to the world.’

Since more than 25 years Instant Composition and intense collaboration with musicians, visual artists, poets and philosophers have been at the core of Bettina’s choreographic and performative work. She teaches Instant Composition, Experiential Anatomy and Skinner Releasing Technique across Europe and South America.


We welcome dancers with all levels of experience and physiacal capacities.

 Schedule: Saturday march 4 2017, 11-17 o’clock

Venue: Studio Seven, Eerste Nassaustraat 7, Amsterdam

Fee: € 60,-

If you sign-up and pay before february 12: € 50,-

All prices are inclusive of 21% VAT.

Info & sign up:

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